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ALLERGO Electric Breast Pump -20%
Unimom - ALLEGO Electric Breast Pump   Unimom Allegro Electric Breast Pump is a convenien..
1,100 HK$ 880
FORTE Duo Electric Breast Pump Out Of Stock
Unimom - FORTE Duo Electric Breast Pump   Unimom FORTE Double Breast Pump is a convenient..
1,680 HK$ 1,512
Unimom - K-POP Electric Breast Pump The Breast pump is designed t the following use: To r..
790 HK$ 711
Unimom - MINUET Double Electric Breast Pump Portable and lightweight, and it sits snugly on th..
1,580 HK$ 1,422
Breastmilk Storage Bags (30 x 210ml) Made in South Korea Thermal Sensor (TS) turns from BLUE..
85 HK$ 77
Unimom - Breastmilk Storage Bottles Made in South Korea Ergonomic design with easy grip Sa..
90 HK$ 85
Cooler Bag with 5 Storage Bottles   Unimom's Cooler Bags will allow you to transport ..
280 HK$ 252
Unimom - Converter (1 piece) Acts as a converter to help mums pump into wide neck bot..
HK$ 30
Unimom - Silicone Massager (1 piece)   Fits into the breast shield (24mm) of yo..
HK$ 40
Unimom - Tube for Breast Pump (1 piece) Suitable for Unimom Breast Pump   ..
HK$ 30
Unimom - Valve for Breast Pump (1 piece)   When your initial white valve shows signs of w..
HK$ 40