About Us




We bring happiness to your love one

Established in 2008, we are here for you smart shopper, shopping for your smart little one. We are a company that carries high quality baby products. We carefully chosen each and every product we carry, making sure they are the best choice for you and your precious little one. Quality, health, and safety are the major criteria for choosing the products we carry. So, you can be sure what you buy from us are the best in its category.


What to buy? What brand to choose from? What to look out when choose a product for your little one? What is the best for your little one? These all comes from experiences and knowledge of the products. Inexperience parents always asked around, shop around, making mistakes in order to make the right choice for their little one. Despite all the hard work, some parents still cannot find what they want. Worries no more, BabyOnline is here to help! We search around the globe to find the best for you and your little one.




We are here to find the best for you and your love one!

Born out of necessity, it is a company owned by a professional woman who turned stay-at-home mother for her 3 children; a cute little girl, and 2 adorable twin boys. The experience gained from the different stages; from pregnant with a baby / 2 babies at the same time, caring for newborns/babies, raising them, and teaching them have given her a handful of great experience to share with other parents with babies. She wanted the best for her children, and was a very careful mother. So, she chosen each and everything for her little ones with great care and gone through all the details of every alternative. Lots of time was spent; at the same time, lots of knowledge and experiences were gained. Through all the experience and knowledge gained, we know what the best is for you and your little one.




We are here to share our best with you!

We will continue to search around the globe to find the best for you and your love one. In the short coming months, we will be gathering information from different professionals and experts to share them with you on our website. Why are we doing so? We wanted you to have more knowledge of how to care for your precious little one. The best a baby/child could get is from the care of his/her own parents.