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Nelsons (UK) - Teehta® - Teething Granules

Teething can be a tricky time, particularly for first-time parents who may be unfamiliar with the symptoms. If your little one is cutting new teeth, try Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules, a homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of teething pain and the symptoms associated with teething which are sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling. 

How to Use

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules are easy to use: simply empty the contents of one sachet into your child's mouth every two hours for up to 6 doses.

If your baby has an intolerance to lactose talk to your doctor before using this product.

Do not exceed the maximum dose of 6 sachets during any 24 hour period.

If symptoms become worse or do not show improvement or if the baby or child experiences any adverse or unwanted effects, consults qualified healthcare practitioner or doctor.

Product Facts

Each 300mg of granules in a sachet contains the active ingredient of Chamomilla recutita (Chamomilla) 6c. 

Also contains Lactose monohydrate, Xylitol, starch and pregelatinised maize starch.

Keep all medicines out of sight and reach of children.

Do not store above 25°C

Please be aware that a different batch number now appears on our Teetha Teething Granules sachets and outer box. The batch numbers refer to different stages in our manufacturing process, one batch number relates to packing the granules into a sachet, and another number relates to packing the sachets into the box.

A pack of Teetha Teething Granules featuring different batch numbers on the sachets and the box are perfectly acceptable to use and represent our normal production process, making all our products fully traceable and meeting all requirements associated with our license.


Q: At what age can I start using Nelsons Teetha Granules on my baby?

A: Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules are suitable from one month plus

Q: How many sachets of Nelsons Teetha Granules can I give to my baby?

A: Do not exceed 1 sachet every 2 hours for up to 6 times a day.

Q: Can you use both Nelsons Teetha Granules and Gel together?

A: Provided the baby is over 3 months, a combination can be used. Do not exceed the maximum dose of 6 times a day every 4 hours for the combined products.

Q: Do Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules contain sugar?

A: Although Teetha Teething Granules do not contain ordinary table sugar (sucrose) they contain lactose which is a type of sugar that occurs naturally in milk.

Q: Can I use Nelsons Teetha if my baby has a lactose intolerance?

A: Teetha Teething Granules contain lactose and should not be given to babies who are lactose intolerant. If you are in any doubt, please consult your doctor.

Q: Is it possible to add Teetha to a milk formula? (eg. in the evening before the baby goes to sleep?)

A: Although it may appear that the granules dissolve in milk they do not fully disperse therefore we do not recommend that you dissolve the granules and they should be used as directed on the packaging.

Q: What is homeopathy?

A: Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine and is suitable for the whole family. In its most basic form, homeopathy is the treatment of a condition with a substance which, when taken by a healthy person, would produce symptoms similar to those shown in the person who is ill. Homeopathy views any symptoms as the body's natural reaction to combat the illness and looks to stimulate rather than suppress the reaction. Homeopathy therefore essentially assists the body to regain positive health by stimulating its own natural forces of recovery. 

Place of Origin United Kingdom
Made In United Kingdom
Best Before Date 30 Nov 2025
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