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Shnuggle - Air Bedside Crib

A safe, close and cosy sleep place for your baby

The only bedside crib-to-cot system from birth to beyond and with its stylish design and focus on breathability, the Shnuggle Air is truly a breath of fresh air

Key Features

Part of the Shnuggle Air Complete Sleep System

The only bedside crib which coverts to a cot.  Give your little one a safe, close and cosy nights sleep.

Convert your crib into a stylish cot with the Complete Sleep System, easing the crib-to-cot transition and providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby right up until approx 2 years old.   

Just add the Cot Conversion Kit and Cot Mattres to your crib purchase.

Crib mattress included

Crib tested to very latest safety standard BS EN 1130:2019

Complete Sleep System (Crib including crib mattress, Cot Conversion Kit and Cot Air-flow mattress) £369.95

Suitable from 0 – 6 months or when baby starts to roll over, pull up or reach a weight of 9kg

*Vs. standard PU foam mattresses. Mattress breathability tested to British Standard BS EN ISO 9237 – 1995 for air permeability

Safe Sleeping

Industry standards state babies sleep safest in bedside cribs with the side up.  The drop down side allows you to access baby easily for feeding and comforting.  The side should remain up for sleeping.


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