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Cybex - 2.Go Baby Carrier


2.GO baby carrier

Developed with midwives and orthopaedists

The innovative CYBEX 2.GO baby carrier combines the orthopaedic benefits of a sling with clever functionality and an ergonomic design.

  • Developed with midwives and orthopaedists
  • The extra wide sitting area allows for a spread-squat position
  • Carrying comfort thanks to perfect weight distribution and adjustability
  • Five different carrying positions

The CYBEX 2.GO caters to your personal needs. The headrest of the baby carrier can be individually adjusted, providing the perfect fit and necessary support, while the seat can be widened into the spread-squat position recommended by orthopaedists. The carrier's functional,easy-care materials are safe, durable and lightweight, making it ideal for daily use.


Spread-squat position

orthopaedically recommended

The sitting area can be individually adjusted.

This allows for an optimal fit and the orthopaedically recommended spread squat position which takes the strain off the baby's hip joints

Extra wide belts

For great carrying comfort

Extra wide belts with soft padding.

Well padded carry straps produce less strain on the back of the parent and offer great carrying comfort.

Carrying comfort

perfect weight distribution

Ergonomically shaped carry straps produce less strain on the back.

The ergonomically shaped and and well padded carry straps provide an optimal weight distribution away from the shoulders which offers great comfort also for longer stretches of carrying.

Five different carrying positions

front, facing inward:
from approx. 3 months

hip position:
from approx. 3 months

front, facing forward:
from approx 6 months

mobility seat:
from approx. 6 months

back position:
from approx. 6 months

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For which ages is the CYBEX 2.GO suitable?

Although the baby carrier CYBEX 2.GO is admitted by the german TÜV from birth (3.5 kg) we recommend using the carrier from 3 months.

What are the advantages of using the CYBEX 2.GO baby carrier?

The movement impulses that are transmitted to the hip joints through the spread squat position ideally enhance the development of the joints. It offers high ease of use and extraordinary carrying comfort.

Which seat adjustment is recommended for normal use?

The open seat setting is similar to the spread position in a sling. Should you get the impression that this position is uncomfortable for you child, please adjust the zipper in the optimal position for your child.

Can the bib be removed and washed?

The bib is attached to the carrier by velcro fasteners and can be easily removed for washing. Simply open the upper and lower velcro fasteners as well as the headrest´s latches on the side and take off the bib loops.

How to adjust the straps of the baby carrier?

The side straps of the baby carrier should be adjusted in such a way that the head- and backrest give the baby a good support but are not too tight forcing the child in a hollow back position. For an optimum weight distribution the hip belt must be adjusted snugly. The carrying person should always be able to just touch the baby´s head with the chin when bending slightly forward. Please follow the instruction manual for further details on how to adjust the straps.

What makes the carrying comfort of the 2.GO so special?

The CYBEX 2.GO baby carrier is equally comfortable for parents and child. The 2.GO´s ergonomic design allows baby to sit in a spread-squat position whilst supporting the child´s naturally rounded back by snugly shaping itself around the body. The ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and optimized weight distribution away from the shoulders and onto the hips give rise to a unique level of comfort. The hip straps are fitted with soft padding whilst the edges of the seat are designed with extra padding for added comfort. The 2.GO offers a series of flexible settings to give the child optimum support. The CYBEX 2.GO has three positions to suit baby´s height. The child´s space requirements can also be accommodated using the width settings. The headrest can be infinitely adjusted, giving baby support when fast asleep. The clever and self-explanatory design of the 2.GO baby carrier makes it particularly easy to handle and a pleasure to use. 


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