Bambo Nature - 零敏環保嬰兒紙尿片 - 4 號 (24 片) - 6包 - Bambo Nature

-6% Bambo Nature - 零敏環保嬰兒紙尿片 - 4 號 (24 片) - 6包 - Bambo Nature - BabyOnline HK

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Bambo Nature - Rash Free ECO Baby Diapers - Size 4 (24 diapers) (7-18 kg)

Bambo Nature Nature diapers are soft, comfortable, and keep even the most sensitive skin dry. The diapers are designed with a super-absorbent core including latest channel technology that leads moisture away from baby’s skin and holds up to multiple wettings — even overnight. The convenient wetness indicator changes color and makes it easy to see when a change is needed. The flexible waistband and latex-free leg cuffs help the diapers stay in place for baby’s comfort and freedom of movement.

The diapers are dermatologically tested and certified according to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Asthma Allergy Nordic (size 0 excluded), the FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) and the EU Ecolabel (CE marked products excepted).

All Bambo Nature Nature diapers are free from perfume and parabens to minimize the risk of allergy and diaper rash.

  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Soft and breathable
  • Perfect body-fit
  • Skin-friendly (no perfume and parabens)
  • Eco-labeled


來源地 丹麥
生產地 丹麥

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