Konfidence 游泳浮衣 - 紅色條紋 (18 - 36 個月) - Konfidence

Out Of Stock Konfidence 游泳浮衣 - 紅色條紋 (18 - 36 個月) - Konfidence - BabyOnline HK

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The Original Konfidence™ Jacket

This Original Konfidence™ Swim Jacket is the one of the best selling neoprene swimming buoyancy aid for children aged 1-7 years across UK and Europe.

Featuring the eight removable float system, the multi-award winning Konfidence™ Jacket provides built-in buoyancy to give infants and children natural buoyancy in the water. This easy-to-use float system aids swimming development by allowing buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs as they grow and develop water confidence.

The Swim Jacket’s British design also features the trademark bright yellow back for high–visibility and comes with 100% UV protection on covered areas – this makes it an essential piece of holiday kit.

Take a look at this video below to see how pool confident kids are wearing our Konfidence Swimming Jackets – and how cute they look too in our range of surf and sports style designs.

Originally designed with kids in mind more than 15 years ago, the designers really want this Konfidence™ Jacket to be the best choice available.  To achieve this they only use the best quality materials and have incorporated design features that ensure enhanced comfort and safety for the wearer. 

  • Top quality neoprene (wetsuit materials) is used to give the Float Jacket its distinctive softness and stretch-ability - and to ensure a comfortable snug fit.
  • The soft Lycra around the binding is more comfortable around youngsters’ bare delicate skin, and reduces chaffing after long periods of use around the arms.
  • The elasticity of the Lycra also allows for easy removal of the floats and helps to retain the Swim Jackets shape.
  • For safety and comfort, a good chunky, self-locking YKK brand zip is standard. And this comes with a Velcro zip retainer to discourage little fingers playing with the zip pull.
  • The Swim Jacket’s high neck maximises thermal and sun protection, while wide shoulders ensure a more secure fit – and it is 100% UV protective on all covered areas.
  • The ‘body warmer’ style design wraps around the child’s torso, keeps the child’s arms free, which is essential when learning to swim (unlike armbands which can be cumbersome for children and ‘babyish’ for older children). 
  • When worn in the water, the Konfidence™ Swim Jacket does not ride up under the wearer’s chin; therefore holding the child in the correct position to aid swimming.
  • The trademark bright yellow backs provides hi-visibility for parents. 

All Konfidence Swim Jackets are CE marked and comply with the most recent European Safety Certification EN13138-1:2008 relating to buoyant aids for swimming.

Buoyancy Sun Protection (UV) Warmth in the Water


  • 8 removable floatation bars.
  • 100% sun protection Neoprene fabric.
  • High visibility back colour on all jackets to help keep an eye on your child.
  • Suitable for 18mths +
  • Self-locking YKK zip is standard on all Jackets, with a Velcro zip retainer.
  • Locks closed and free stands when folded.

Size Guide:

18 Months to 3 Years
Weight: Up to 20 kgs
Chest Size: 56cm

4 to 5 Years
Weight: Up to 25 kgs
Chest Size: 61cm


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