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Savannah Travel Friends™ - Headrest

A comfy companion for the car and the ultimate solution that makes sure your child has total Head and Neck support when on the go.
The special magnets connecting side rests and providing placement support while your child enjoys the comfort of a smooth ride.
Makes every trip pleasurable, no matter how far you have to go.

  • Ergonomic shape to secure head and offer gentle neck support
  • As soft as real pillow
  • Ideal for stroller, car, plane, or any other way you travel
  • Reversible - Winter and Summer fabrics for all year round use.
  • Hidden magnets connect to provide chin support
  • Buckle Strap secures your Travel Friend to any head rest for Maximum Support
  • Can be used as child's cuddly friend
  • Machine wash cold 30 degree

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