Silibib 嬰兒膠矽圍兜 - 藍色 - Miniware

Silibib 嬰兒膠矽圍兜 - 藍色 - Miniware - BabyOnline HK

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Miniware - SiliBib

  • Perfectly sized from 4 months and up.
  • A comfortable, durable bib is a must - have when baby begins to self - feed.
  • Silibib is perfect for active families with its compact profile and locking function.
  • Just roll, lock and store to clean up later while on the go.
  • Silibib is longer and wider than any other bibs to support baby and child through all feeding and growth development stages.
  • Made from sustainable, pure, food - grade silicone.
  • The soft and comfortable Silibib features a wide, deep pouch for catching food before it falls to the gorund. Less mess!
  • D-ring feature on the adjustable neck strap to attach baby's and child's favorite toy or pacifier.
  • BPA, BPS, PVC free. Zero Phthalates.

來源地 美國
生產地 中國

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