SurGrip 太空船吸盤碗 - 藍色 - Nuby

SurGrip 太空船吸盤碗 - 藍色 - Nuby - BabyOnline HK

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Nûby - SureGrip™ Rocket Bowl

There’s nothing worse for a hungry baby than a bowl that goes shooting off into space! That's where this SureGrip rocket bowl comes to the rescue with it's soft flex silicone which is awesomely gripping, damage proof and makes it easier for baby to feed themselves too, so they end up eating more and wearing less of their meal!

  • Super suction base keeps bowl in place 
  • Shape helps baby get food on the spoon
  • All one piece means super easy to clean 
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • BPA Free

Just plonk it firmly on their highchair tray or table, press down and run your fingers around the edges of the bowl & it'll stay put until you say it's time for lift off. Heres to turning messy mealtimes into out of this world fun eating times. 

This silicone bowl is even oven and microwave safe, and with it being insulated, will keep food warmer for longer.   When it comes to cleaning, there's nothing to take apart and nowhere for food & germs to hide.  

Look out for the matching cutlery to make your mealtimes full space themed.

damage proof, oven and microwave safe plus it's insulated so it'll keep food warmer for longer. Neat hey? 

When your toddler in training has filled their little tum tum & it's time for cleaning up, it's easy peasy as there's nothing to take apart & nowhere for food & germs to hide. Winning!

Look out for the matching cutlery to make your mealtimes full space themed.


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