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型 號: MBI-9781789476064
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Make Believe Ideas - Touch and Explore - Squeak-a-boo

Squeak-a-boo! is an innovative board book with a mirror and four sets of textured ears. Each page includes a mirror so that when readers look into it, they see their own face bordered by an animal’s ears, whiskers and other features. This sweet, playful animal book is perfect for little ones to read and explore. Each turn of the page introduces a new animal and its unique ears to touch and feel.

  • A fun, animal-themed board book with tab ears and a mirror.
  • Includes a squeaker in one of the mouse’s ears.
  • Children will love looking in the mirror to see themselves as four different cute animals.

出版社 Make Believe Ideas
ISBN 9781789476064
插圖者 Scott Barker
種類 硬皮書 (with five textured silicone touches die-cut through to the cover)
頁數 14
尺碼 176 × 210 × 15 mm

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