Tuggy 矽膠球型牙膠 - 水藍色 - Nuby

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Nuby - Tuggy 矽膠球型牙膠

Nûby™ Tuggy 矽膠球型牙膠用超柔軟矽膠製成,專為寶寶幼嫩的牙齦而設。不但能刺激嘴唇、舌頭,更能在寶寶出牙時按摩牙齦,舒緩不適。

  • 100%柔軟矽膠有助舒緩寶寶的牙齦, 柔軟的彈性圈非常適合 出牙時使用, 寶寶小手易握設計
  • 展示彩盒
  • 3+ months
  • BPA Free


Silicone Tuggy Teething Ball: 3m+

The Nuby Super Soft Silicone Tuggy Teething Ball is available in four fun and bright colors your baby is sure to love.

Nuby's teethers are designed to help your little one through the difficult teething process. As well as being colorful and fun, they offer multiple textured surfaces to soothe tender gums.

The Nuby Super Soft Silicone Tuggy Teething Ball is recommended for baby's 3 months +. 


Multiple Teething Surfaces

The super soft teether's unique textured design provides comfort to baby's delicate gums. The teether provides stimulus to the lips and tongue to assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging baby's gums. 


Easy to Gasp & Hold

The teether is easy for your baby to hold and sized it for maximum effectiveness. The Tuggy Teething Ball helps develop baby’s hand-to-eye coordination. 



Soothes Baby's Tender Gums 


Flexible & Super Soft Silicone Teether 


Multiple Textured Teething Surfaces



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