RideSafer Delight - Gen 5 Children’s Harness Car Seat (Yellow) - Small - Ride Safer

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RideSafer® Delight - Gen 5 Children’s Harness Car Seat

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Keep Your Kids Safer with RideSafer®!

The RideSafer is a great travel car seat, secondary seat for carpools or use-everyday-for-every-ride child restraint for children starting at 3 years old and 30 pounds

Whether you’re seeking a better alternative to the traditional booster seat or a more portable option to the forward-facing, 5-point harness, the certified RideSafer wearable car seat vest offers:

  • A unique, 3-clip design that positions the car’s seat belt comfortably and correctly with optional tether for consistent sitting position and increased security
  • Increased safety and comfort by allowing the child sit further back and lower on the more comfortable vehicle seat.
  • Lightweight and easy portability, which is great when traveling with kids.
  • A cooler, less baby-ish option to traditional car seats and boosters
  • A new, patented “Houdini” proof buckle

​Better Than A Booster!

RideSafer is the safe alternative to a traditional booster car seat! The RideSafer vest can be tethered to your car for optimum upper body restraint and our unique, 3-clip design positions and secures the seat belt exactly where it needs to be for each specific child—across the lap, not the waist, protecting vital internal organs, and across the shoulders, not the neck, eliminating uncomfortable rubbing and dangerous ‘sneaky slipping’ of the shoulder harness behind the child.

The RideSafer padded vest also disperses crash energy across a larger area of the child’s chest than the standard 2” seatbelt and keeps the child’s center of mass lower and further back in the seat than a traditional toddler car seat, which has proven safer in the event of an accident.

Portable and Packable!

No more juggling heavy, cumbersome car seats and boosters—or worse, going without a car seat when traveling! RideSafer is your safe, portable travel solution. Small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase, RideSafer is a great on-the-go solution for kids in boosters and forward-facing 5-point harness seats. And, while car seats are installed incorrectly 3 out of every 4 times, RideSafer’s easy, intuitive installation eliminates the risk of incorrect usage when moving from car to car, making RideSafer the safer choice for:

  • Your second car
  • Grandma’s car
  • Carpool
  • Playdates
  • Rental cars
  • Taxis
  • And more

Gone are the days of 1 car seat per car—with RideSafer you only need 1 car seat per child!

3 in a Row!

Best of all, RideSafer allows parents to easily fit three children ages 3 and up in the back seat, side by side, with no crowding—and no complaining! No need to buy an expensive new car just to accommodate your car seats; RideSafer’s slim profile keeps kids safe and comfortable.

Safety Tested and Certified

The RideSafer travel vest is designed for children ages 3 and up and meets or exceeds all crash test requirements and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for harness restraints (FMVSS213). In fact, the RideSafer consistently tests well below—sometimes by half or more!— the standard safety allowances.

FMVSS 213 is the federal standard which sets the performance criteria for child restraints. It requires that manufacturers measure crash energy at several different locations on an instrumented crash test dummy. 

The RideSafer is tested as a harness as prescribed by FMVSS 213.

How to Use the New RideSafer Buckle

New RideSafer Delight buckle in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pinch together the webbing on the left side (when facing your child in the vest) where the circles and lines are to align the rings on the other side.

  2. Turn J-hook to 90 degree angle and clip onto the rings

  3. Release the pinch

The new patented buckle on the RideSafer Delight travel vest is meant to be “Houdini” proof for those children who like to unbuckle themselves while traveling in a car.

Most of our customers have found that once they learn the trick shown above, they love the new buckle.

For those parent who want their child to have the freedom to unbuckle themselves, many parents have been able to teach their child this little “trick”.In our personal use with our youngest son, the new buckle takes just a few seconds to buckle and we’re able to unbuckle it one handed when needed — you know for those parental moments when you’re holding all kinds of stuff in your other hand.

Our son can almost do the buckle himself when he tries. He really lacks the desire to really learn the trick at this point. He was unable to do the old model buckle at all because he just lacked the thumb strength.

For comparison, here is a booster seat crash test

Side view of the RideSafer crash test

Top view of the RideSafer crash test

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