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Clementoni - Baby Clemmy - Sensory Train (6m+)

  • A soft train with locomotive and carriages that children can play with and explore with their hands.
  • The children can discover relief surfaces and different shapes, or feel the softness of the Clemmy material, while enjoying a sensory experience that will allow them to hone their sense of touch and manual skills.
  • Contains lots of soft coloured bricks to be slotted into the locomotive and carriages, or one on top of the other, to create soft coloured towers to topple and then rebuild again and again.
  • The carriages can be easily detached and joined together.
  • The car and blocks can be washed, even in the dishwasher.
  • Conceived, designed and developed in Italy.
  • Made in Italy



A sensory train for the first explorations

Did you know that touch is the first of the 5 senses that develops in the child?

With the sensory train the child experiences the softness of clemmy and explores the world with his hands and feet. With the locomotive and the 3 cars many sensory routes and trips around the house, for a fun, challenging and safe gaming experience. Also included are 8 soft clemmy bricks to insert and stack. Train length: 70 cm

The material of the train and bricks is non-toxic, non-slip and also dishwasher safe (max 70°).

Made in Italy.






Soft bricks to play safely

The soft rubber locomotive and wagons, have different textures and reliefs, to promote tactile exploration and stimulate manual skills.

Soft clemmy bricks, designed for children aged 6 months, are easy to grip and easy to stack and can be chopped and crushed.

Bright colors promote visual perception, attention and observation ability.


Soft bricks to play safely

Clementoni's soft clemmy bricks are made of non-toxic material, washable and slightly scented to play safely!

Designed for children aged 6 months and up, they are ideal for sensory exploration of little ones.

They are easy to grasp and simple to stack and can be chopped and crushed.

A game to stimulate the imagination, manual skills and creativity of the child.





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