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Workman - BrainQuest

It’s fun to be smart with Brain Quest card decks, packed with curriculum-based questions.  

Loved by kids and teacher approved, and featuring hundreds of curriculum-based exercises and games, Brain Quest card decks reinforce classroom learning with a fun, fast-paced game.

Brain Quest Pre-School introduces kids aged 4–5 to learning in a smart, entertaining, and engaging way, covering counting, spelling, vocabulary building, and more.
In a set of two fan-decks, Brain Quest Pre-School features hundreds of questions and answers to help kids know exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it.


  • Two full-color Q&A decks in a reusable flip-top storage box
  • 300 questions and answers covering counting, letters, colors, and more

Also available: Brain Quest Workbooks (Pre-school through 6th Grade) and Summer Workbooks (Pre-K through 4th-5th Grades).

Brain Quest decks are:

  • Aligned with common core state standards
  • Vetted by award-winning teachers
  • Great to play with a friend or on your own––and great for travel
  • Named a Dr. Toy Best Classic Toy


A Fast-Paced Question-and-Answers Game!

This is where it all started and continues today: the BRAIN QUEST DECK! A fast-paced question-and-answer challenge that says It’s Fun to Be Smart!, BRAIN QUEST quizzes kids on the stuff they need to know, when they need to know it. Kids can play it anywhere, anytime—in the car, by the pool, on the beach, with friends or parents or all by themselves. It helps them review what they learned in their last grade and preview their next one.


BRAIN QUEST DECKS are available for ages 2–12. Each deck includes hundreds of curriculum-based questions and answers, which are vetted by a panel of award-winning teachers. Also available are single-subject decks covering Math, Reading, America, Presidents, and a very special BRAIN QUEST FOR THE CAR.


In Praise of BRAIN QUEST


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