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Brights! Base Ten Classroom Set - Learning Resources - BabyOnline HK

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Learning Resources - Brights! Base Ten Classroom Set 

Teacher-approved base 10 blocks plus dynamic colors equals number models that really pack a punch! Introducing Brights!: teaching tools you know and love, in cutting-edge colors they'll embrace. Classroom Set includes 823 durable plastic pieces to help students extend the counting sequence into the hundreds (and well beyond!), understand place value, add and subtract, demonstrate geometric concepts, and much more! Perfect for an entire classroom of 20-25 students, this set also features a 107-page book packed full of reproducible activities. Bring abstract ideas to concrete life, one block at a time!


  • 3 cubes
  • 20 flats
  • 200 rods
  • 600 units
  • Activity guide

Cube measures approximately 4''
Grades: 1+
For 20-25 students
Common Core State Standards Alignment: Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Numbers & Operations 


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