Busy City Rail Set - Hape

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Hape - Busy City Rail Set

Train tracks aren’t just for passenger trains. There’s freight to deliver, too! This complete city-themed rail set features a passenger and a freight train, a station, automatic gates, a bridge and much more!
  • COMPLETE CITY THEMED RAILWAY SET: Double loop city-themed railway set, great for teaching the toddlers and kids how the city works. Children can create their own unique cities and explore their creative sides too no end
  • MAGNETIC JOINT MAGIC: This rail set uses magnets to join certain parts of the rail set together and provide a much more realistic user experience. Magnets couple the train carriages together no matter how they are oriented
  • FIGURINES CAN FIT IN TRAIN CARRIAGES: The figurines have been designed to fit inside the carriages and include a passenger with a bag and a railway worker with a signal. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they allow the passengers to interact with one another and stop at signals
  • REALISTIC CRANE: The realistic crane has a magnetic hoist for moving cargo
  • ADJUSTABLE CROSSING, MOVABLE TIPPER & SAFETY SIGNS INCLUDED: The level crossing can be opened and shut to prevent accidents and Tipper truck has a moveable tipper for added fun. The set includes safety signs and an adjustable railway signal

年齡組別 18 個月或以上

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