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Usborne Farmyard Tales - Pig Gets Stuck

Poor Curly the pig’s curiosity gets him into trouble when he sticks his head through a hole in the fence – and finds himself stuck!

  • Brightly coloured editions of the much-loved Farmyard Tales series.
  • All 20 stories available in miniature format.
  • Enjoyable and collectible stories for children who are just learning to read.
  • This series of delightful short stories has been especially written, with the help fo a language expert, for young children who are just beginning to read.  With the help and encouragement of an adult, beginner readers will be able to achieve the pleasure and satisfaction of reading a whole book for themselves.

作者 Heather Amery
出版社 Usborne Publishing
ISBN 9780746063132
插圖者 Stephen Cartwright
頁數 16
尺碼 150 x 150mm
國家 英國

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