Lachesis Muta 30C Pellets (160 pellets) - Hyland's

Lachesis Muta 30C Pellets (160 pellets) - Hyland's - BabyOnline HK

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Hyland's - Lachesis Muta 30C Pellets

This product meets our criteria for natural because it is made primarily of natural ingredients with minimal processing. Natural ingredients are extracted directly from plants or animals as opposed to being made synthetically.

Since 1905, Hyland's has been a trusted name in holistic medicine. Lachesis Mutus is a homeopathic remedy for the temporary relief of menopause symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, and inability to sleep, blood poisoning, infectious diseases, and inflammation. Homeopathic medicine. Hot flashes and menopause. Standard homeopathic.

  • Relief of symptoms of hot flashes, moodiness and irritability due to onset of menopause.
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Standard Homeopathic, Made in the USA Since 1903
Suggested Use

Dissolve 3-6 pellets under tongue 3-4 times a day, repeat as required or as directed by a licensed practitioner

Other Ingredients:

Amyl nitrosum 3X HPUS, sanguinaria canadensis 3X HPUS, lachesis mutus 12X HPUS

In a base of lactose (milk sugar), NF.



來源地 美國
生產地 美國

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