Nature Deco S - 1,2,3 sheep (2 sheets) - Plage

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Plage - Nature Deco Restickable Sticker

These lovely NATURE DECO art stickers are a lovely decoration for a new baby's room and for the family! With Plage's Stick On Stick Off technology, you can very quickly and easily re-position the stickers or redecorate the room, without taking paint off the walls!


  • Stick On Stick Off - Plage stickers are easy to stick, totally removable & repositionable many times
  • Stronger & Scratch Resistant
  • UV Resistant / Fade Resistant
  • Extra Flat
  • Easy to Clean
  • Stickers are made in France

Special About this products

  • Personalized Decoration for your bathroom
  • Create your own Design & Identity by using your creativity.
  • Beauty - Plage has a tradition of taking the upmost care to graphic creation. From the photography to the printing process, the best motives & the best technology has been selected to insure the creation of beautiful piece of art.
  • Creativity & Uniqueness - Plage concept has been designed to create unique decor. By using creatively a single product or by combining the same with others, custom made decoration can be created.
  • Performance - Plage can be applied on every smooth & dry surfaces, creating endless scoop for decoration areas: wall, tile, glass, furniture, wall paper, metal, polished stone etc.
來源地 法國
生產地 法國

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