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型 號: MBI-9781800581418
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Make Believe Ideas - Never Feed a Lion!

Never feed a lion . . . unless it’s in this book! This interactive book has big open mouths with teeth cut into each spread, plus a fun silicone touch at the back, so children can poke their hands through to ‘feed’ the wild animals. A funny rhyme and sweet illustrations help to bring the book to life. ANIMAL-THEMED BOOK WITH OPEN MOUTHS AND A SILICONE TOUCH

  • Open animal mouths with teeth cut through every page
  • A bumpy silicone touch die-cut through from the back
  • Rhyming text and fun illustrations

作者 Rosie Greening
出版社 Make Believe Ideas
ISBN 9781800581418
插圖者 Stuart Lynch
種類 硬皮書 (帶有紋理矽膠觸摸模切到封面)
頁數 12 pages
尺碼 2.1 × 18.6 × 18.6 cm

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