Never Touch a Zebra! - Make Believe Ideas

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型 號: MBI-9781803374529
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Make Believe Ideas - Never Touch a Zebra!

You must never touch a zebra . . . except in this book! Children will love this latest addition to our bestselling range of Never Touch books. Inside, you can discover a variety of camouflaged animals such as a chameleon and an octopus – but watch out, these animals are secret agents and they’re excellent at hiding! Children will love exploring the silicone touches on every page and reading the fun rhyme. ANIMAL BOARD BOOK WITH SILICONE TOUCHES

  • Innovative silicone touches
  • Engaging, funny rhyme
  • Warm, colorful illustrations


作者 Rosie Greening
出版社 Make Believe Ideas
ISBN 9781803374529
插圖者 Stuart Lynch
種類 硬皮書 (with a silicone touch)
頁數 12 pages
尺碼 18.5 x 18.5 x 1.7 cm

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