Prettier Playmat - Sandy Lines Collection - Tan Light Brown (120 x 180cm) - ToddleKind

-16% Prettier Playmat - Sandy Lines Collection - Tan Light Brown (120 x 180cm) - ToddleKind - BabyOnline HK

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Toddlekind - Prettier Playmat - Sandy Lines Collection

A textured yet cool, this playmat is understated yet enables you to create a multitude of looks through its clever spotted design. Dove is a cool grey tone on a stone-effect background. 

  • Designed in Germany

Having a stylish home really is child’s play! As parents we make lots of compromises for our children, but style shouldn´t be one of them. Our playmats will transform any space into an elegant and tasteful space. Babies and toddlers are protected from bumps and falls without you having to compromise your style. Our playmats can seamlessly fit into any space and multiple packs can be joined together. 

NOTE: Color on screen may varies


Toddlekind® playmats are comprised of deluxe 60cm x 60cm tiles which each include edging bonders that give a seamless rug-like-look. Not only are the tiles easy to assemble, but you can pick a size to fit your home. Multiple packs can be joined together to cover any space.

Includes six (6) 60 x 60cm tiles and twelve (12) edging bonders.

來源地 德國
生產地 台灣

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