Science Museum Approved - Mechanics Lab - Antarctic Exploration - Clementoni

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Clementoni - Science Museum Approved - Mechanics Lab - Antarctic Exploration

Science Museum Approved

  • An incredible scientific kit to embark on a journey of discovery of Antarctica and break the ice with mechanics and engineering!
  • With 350 components, the child can build 20 models of vehicles for exploring Antarctica, including the lorry, snowplough, tractor, hovercraft and many more.
  • The lorry has a tractor and a pivoted trailer, a tower with orientable crane, a rack-and-pinion steering system and an adjustable front blade... for incredible adventures in the ice!
  • The incredible Mechanics Laboratory app, with its 3D interactive instructions, makes building the models easy and fun.
  • The illustrated manual guides the child in building the models, introducing them to the basics of physics, engineering and mechanics.
  • Suitable for children from 8 years and older. 
  • Made in Italy.

來源地 意大利
生產地 意大利
年齡組別 8+

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