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Hape - Scoot Around Ride On

Beautifully crafted riding toy.

Four-wheel drive takes on new meaning with this foot-powered rider.

Encourage lots of short rides to develop muscle strength and balance. As your child gains more power and confidence, increase the wheel time and distance. 

  • Elegant, foot-powered rider
  • Built for stability
  • Measures 20" x 13" x 15"

Starting at about a year old, you can begin developing your little one's large motor skills, balance, strength and coordination.  Using it every day will foster physical development and muscle strength.  Encourage your infant or toddler to ride it longer and farther every day!

Hape Toys is the world’s largest producer of wooden toys, yet we find them uniquely authentic.

Hape has a full line of bamboo toys that takes advantage of the special properties of this highly renewable material. They have eco responsibility and social responsibility principles that aim to have toys passed down for generations. We dig it.



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