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型 號: KFS-9780753419571
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Kingfisher - The Book of ... Why?

Ever wondered why elephants have trunks? Or why your legs look shorter under water? And just why was football once banned? This book answers a wide range of ‘why?' questions and provides further information with fun-filled facts. Appealing artworks help explain the answers, allowing children to build up their knowledge on a variety of subjects

In The News

“Eye-catching and informative title that explain[s] such things as how bats see in the dark and why soap makes bubbles. . . . Supportive "Did you know..." text boxes accompany each response, providing supplementary fun-filled fact. Children will find the silly characters in the illustrations amusing and appreciate how well they enact the subject matter. . . . Educators can use [it] as trivia [a] guide for enrichment activities in general science lessons.” —School Library Journal

“Inquiring minds will enjoy reading these Q&A texts and perhaps learn some science along the way. . . . Teachers could use these questions as discussion starters or journal entries. Students could research the answers to practice library skills.” —Library Media Connection


出版社 KingFisher
ISBN 9780753419571
插圖者 Kat Grimshaw
種類 軟皮書
頁數 64 pages
尺碼 200 x 200 mm

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