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The Gang Series - Always Clean

The gang has to learn a series of basic hygiene rules: Brushing their hair and teeth, washing their face and hands, using clean clothes and taking a bath ...

There are  a lot of things, but if they do them together, everything will be much easier

This book includes

  • A story about the gang to have fun with the family
  • Everyday situations that boys and girls can relate to
  • An amusing game to find the teddy bear in every drawing to keep the child's attention and develop observation skills
  • A guide for parents with advices, tricks and recommendations

​Note: The fonts used inside the book might differ depending on the release

作者 Merce Seix and Maritxell
ISBN 9789888155811
插圖者 Rocio Bonilla
種類 軟皮 / 紙內容
頁數 35 pages
尺碼 240 x 240 mm

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