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Wee Sing - Mother Goose

  • One hour of musical entertainment on one CD
  • 64-page illustrated book with complete lyrics

A musical collection for play time and for sleepy time!

With nursery rhyme favorites set to great tunes, this book and CD set will have kids everywhere dancing and singing along!

Boys and Girls, Come Out to Play
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Little Miss Muffet
Lucy Locket
Jack and Jill
There Was a Little Girl
Mary, Mary
Tommy Snooks and Bessy Brooks
Georgie Porgie
Jack, Be Nimble
Lazy Mary
Mother, May I go Out to Swim?
If All the World Were Paper
Polly, Put the Kettle On
Molly, My Sister
Little Tommy Tucker
Pease Porridge Hot
Little Jack Horner
Peter Piper Listen Listen View
Hot Cross Buns
Dibbity, Dibbity
Jack Sprat
Hiccup, Hiccup
Handy Pandy
Betty Botter
Bobby Shafto
Cobbler, Cobbler Listen Listen View
Fire! Fire!
The Old Woman Under a Hill
Doctor Foster
One Misty, Moisty Morning
There Was a Crooked Man
See-Saw, Sacra-Down
How Many Miles to Babylon
From Wibbleton to Wobbleton
Ride a Cock-Horse
I Had a Little Nut Tree
Doodle, Doodle, Doo
Queen Caroline
Old King Cole
Lavender's Blue
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Humpty Dumpty Listen Listen View
Pussycat, Pussycat
Pussycat Ate the Dumplings
Hey, Diddle, Diddle
Bow, Wow, Wow
There Was a Man
Diddlety, Diddlety, Dumpty
Little Robin Redbreast
Little Jenny Wren
Pit, Pat
A Boy in the Barn
Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen
Donkey, Donkey
Hickory, Dickory, Dock
To Market, to Market
This Little Pig Went to Market
Dickory, Dickory, Dare
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Little Bo-Peep
Little Boy Blue
Wee Willie Winkie
The Man in the Moon
Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling
Little Fred
I See the Moon



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