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Clementoni - Young Learners - 8 Games in 1

Is a set of educational games that accompanies children aged 3 and above as they learn basic preschool-age notions such as shapes, colours, numbers, quantities, logic and first discoveries. The proposed activities allow the child to monitor their progress thanks to self-correction systems included in the materials, stimulating continuous improvement.

Not just concepts, numbers, reading or writing but feelings, imagination and intuition. Because human beings are a mixture of logic and emotion and this is how learning becomes truly enjoyable.


  • 4 bingo cards
  • 32 bingo/memory tiles
  • 10 pairs of number/quantity tiles
  • 16 sequence cards
  • 8 pairs of shape-matching/mix & match cards
  • 6 mini colour/find & count puzzles
  • game instructions
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年齡組別 3歲+

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