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Clementoni - Young Learners - Shape and Color Bingo

Learn the Heart Way

Not just concepts, numbers, reading or writing but feelings, imagination an intuition.  Because human beings are a mixture of logic and emotion and this is how learning becomes truly enjoyable.

Shape and Color Bingo

Shape and Color Bingo is a game made up of 4 large shaped scorecards and 20 illustrated pieces made from premium cardboard.  The scorecards have been cut to look like mushroom, a cloud, a fish and a car and include shaped slots in which to fit 5 objects of a smiliar shape.

Playing Instructions

Children can start playing by simply observing the pictures on the pieces and placing them into the corresponding scorecards.  As they gradually become familiar with the various parts of the fame, they could try recongnizing the turned-over pieces from the shape only.  Then, the fun (and learning process) begins with friends and family.  The big cards can be used as bingo scoreboards and the pieces drawn from inside the box.  Who will be the first one to shout bingo?


  • 4 big shaped cards
  • 20 illustrated pieces
來源地 意大利
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年齡組別 2歲+

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