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Everything we do at Squishable is centered around our fans. They tell us what to make and how to make it. Many of our designs started as submissions to our long-running professional design contest, Project Open Squish, including some of our all-time best sellers ever. We value every single artist, collector, and friendly face, and trust them to lead us right. We love you guys.



We like the world, so we try to make it a better place. We sponsor artists, support young entrepreneurs and coders, and every month we donate to charity for each photo we receive from our users. At the holidays we partner with children’s charities to donate thousands of Squishables to children in need. We also sometimes auction off our prototypes for charity too! You can find more information in Squishable Philanthropy! Indeed!

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Squishable - Comfort Food Dango -15%
Squishable - Comfort Food Dango Comfort Food Dango, you're gluten free, halal, vegan, and..
349 HK$ 296
Mini Squishable - Hot Dog (10") -15%
Squishable - Mini Hot Dog The Hot Dog you know and love from a hundred blissful summer cookou..
179 HK$ 152
Mini Squishable - Pink Donut (9") -15%
Squishable - Mini Pink Donut There have been many great debates throughout history: Should we..
179 HK$ 152