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Clementoni - Action & Reaction Lifting System

The Action Reaction range provides endless fun and stimulates creativity. It is a unique scientific kit to learn the physics principles, design tracks and experiment gravity, force and lever by using the several parts and accessories provided. The range includes products which allow the child to create amazing routes and which can be personalised also using objects available at home, perfect to maximise the playing activities and stimulates the imagination A fantastic kit compatible with the entire Action and Reaction range to create even more astonishing circuits and embark on breathtaking challenges With the fork you can split your tracks, change the direction of the balls and challenge the force of gravity Track, platforms, junctions, crossroads and balls are included. A perfect game to experiment with the basics of physics in an engaging and truly creative way The manual included guides the child step-by-step through endless fun An educational science kit.

  • Now the circuits of Action & Reaction are endless because, with the manual lift system, the balls start rolling again!
  • The kit contains a special manual “lift” to move the balls up to a higher level. The lever at the bottom of the system just needs to be pressed to send the ball upwards!
  • And as children play with the lift system, they will gain practical experience and learn in a fun way about how lever mechanisms and principles of force work.
  • The expansion is compatible with all Action & Reaction kits so children can enjoy hours and hours of fun with never-ending circuits.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Suitable for children from 8 years and older.

Place of Origin Italy
Made In Italy
Age Group 8 Years+
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