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Lansinoh - Disposable Stay Dry Nursing Pads with InvisiLock Core

Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads now absorb 20 times their weight in liquid, keeping you confident and dry, day & night. The pads are dermatologist tested, featuring a super-soft lining with air pockets for sensitive skin. A new InvisiLock core at the center of the pad instantly captures and disperses moisture, while a waterproof lining at the back of the pad delivers leak-proof confidence.

Key Features

  • Improved absorbency for maximum protection
  • Dermatologist tested and super-soft for sensitive skin
  • Thin, contoured shape for a discreet fit
  • Individually wrapped for convenience on the go
  • New hygienic wrapper made with 25% less material
  • BPA/BPS free

How to Use

Application is simple. Start by removing the pad from the wrapper. Before application, peel off protective sheets from the two adhesive strips on the pad. To apply, place the pad in your bra with the contoured edges at the sides. The adhesive strips will stick to your bra, keeping the pad in place. Change pads as needed to maintain healthy-looking skin; a general guideline would be after each feeding. Remember, keep wrapper away from baby and dispose properly.


What’s new & improved about Lansinoh’s Stay Dry Nursing Pads?

The new Stay Dry Nursing Pad is Lansinoh’s best performing disposable pad, with improved absorbency and comfort. A new InvisiLock core instantly captures and disperses moisture and the pad will absorb 20 times its weight for maximum protection day & night. Dermatologist tested; the pads are super-soft for sensitive skin. Plus, the hygienic wrappers are now made with 25% less material.

What’s the difference between disposable and washable nursing pads?
The thing about nursing pads is, you don’t have to choose! You might find that a combination of both works well.

Disposable nursing pads are for one-time use. They’re super-absorbent and virtually leak-proof. The two adhesive strips keep them in place. Consider using disposable pads in the early days of breastfeeding, when your body is getting the hang of things, or when you’re out and about and need a new pad, quick!

Washable nursing pads are just that: products you can wash and reuse. They will save you money and they reduce waste—a definite win for the environment. In addition, some women find washable pads to be softer and more comfortable than disposables. While Lansinoh washables pads are much more absorbent than other washable pads, try disposables for maximum absorbency.

Just remember, whether you wear a washable pad at home or disposable pad when you’re on the go, always change your nursing pads when they get wet to maintain healthy skin!

How should the Disposable Nursing Pads be stored?
The pads are individually wrapped and should be stored in a dry location. Please note, the pads are for one-time use only and should be disposed of after use.

Where can Disposable Nursing Pads be purchased?
The Disposable Nursing Pads are currently available nationally wherever mom and baby products are sold. They are also available through a wide variety of online retailers including Amazon.com, Target.com and Lansinoh.com.

How often should the Disposable Nursing Pad be changed?
The Disposable Nursing Pads should be changed often to maintain healthy skin; a general guideline would be after each feeding.

Are the Disposable Nursing Pads recyclable?  
While there are components in the pads that are recyclable, the intact pad itself is NOT. The outer wrapping of each pad is recyclable by facilities that process #5 plastics. Lansinoh is working towards producing more environmentally friendly products and have recently launched a washable nursing pad. To reduce waste, it is recommended to use a washable nursing pad at home and at night (depending on flow) accompanied by disposable pads when out and about during the day.

Do Disposable Nursing Pads contain Latex?      
No, the Disposable Nursing Pads are latex-free. 

Can the Disposable Nursing Pads be worn while sleeping overnight?  
Yes, many moms find the Disposable Nursing Pads very absorbent, especially at night. It is recommended to change the pads during the night if they become saturated.

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