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Learning Resources - Folding Geometric Shapes

This innovative folding geometric shape set is perfect for hands-on lessons in symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area and volume. Each three-inch shape folds flat, allowing for illustration of a three-dimensional shape's two-dimensional properties.

Transparent geometric shapes plus corresponding fold-up net inserts include:

     • Cylinder
     • Square pyramid
     • Cube
     • Rectangular prism
     • Cone
     • Hexagonal prism
     • Triangular pyramid
     • Triangular prism

Model geometric shapes in both two- and three-dimensional form with this combination set! Use to teach visualization and spatial reasoning in measurement, area, volume and surface area concepts. Colorful 32-piece set contains Folding Geometric Shapes (LER 0921) and Overhead Folding Geometric Shapes(TM) (LER 0910). Includes cylinder, square, pyramid, cube, rectangular prism, triangular prism, cone, hexagonal prism and triangular pyramid. Aligned with NCTM Standards.

Great way for students to identify, analyze, compare, and compose 3-D shapes.

Describe, build, and compare shapes while focusing on area, perimeter, volume, and more.

Rounded edges and corners.

Shapes measure 3”H.

Grades 2+ 

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