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Isabelle - Cookies Treasure Box - Love Pearl
Gift Box includes:
  • Upper Layer

    • Sweetheart Butter Cookie x 4
    • Chocolate Almond Crepe x 3
    • Coffee Almond Cookie x 4
    • Almond Chocolate French Crepe x 3
    • Butter Cookie x 1 (5 pieces)
    • Lake Salt Cheese Snowball x 1 (9 pieces)
    • Ceylon Tea Cookie x 3
    • Hand-made Coffee Wheat Cookie x 1 (3 pieces)
    • White Chocolate Sandwich Crisp x 3
  • Lower Layer

    • Earl Grey Bruschetta x 3 (9 pieces)
    • Pistachio Coconut Crisp x 2
    • Chocolate Crispy Ring x 3
    • Coconut Milk Cookie x 3
    • Coffee Crisp x 1
    • Coconut Chocolate Cookie x 3
    • Assam Tea Cookie x 3
    • Brandy Raisin Sandwich Cookie x 3
    • Vanilla Crepe x 3
Number of Pieces: 47 packs (67 pieces)
Box Size 29 x 29 x 15cm
Weight 546g
* Picture is for referrence only, please refer to actual product 


Share the Taste of Happiness and feel the French Romance

ISABELLE brought back the cookie baking technology from Paris, hand-made classic French cookies, baked the taste of fortune with classical baking, put the French court banquet in exquisite gift boxes, and blended food with art. A good companion for casual snacks, it is also a sincere gift for relatives and friends during the festive season, full of blessings and hearts.

** Cookies below might not be included in this Gift Set



Caramel Almond Boat 

One of ISABELLE's flagship cookies, loved by adults and children! The pure glutinous rice boat-shaped cake shell is filled with crispy almond slices, baked with rich caramel, the unique crispy with a slightly smoky and tough taste, full of almond particles, like a boat full of bites, it will definitely satisfy your love. "Crispy" snack lovers!

*Suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians



Assam Tea Cookie

The pure Assam tea leaves are ground into powder and not into the meal. The mellow tea flavor exudes bursts of aftertaste. It is quiet and elegant, slightly sweet but not greasy. It is an indispensable and delicious light meal for afternoon tea, and it is the best choice for relaxation!

*Suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians




Chocolate Almond Tuile 

"Tuile crepes" originated in France and are one of the most representative high-end desserts of French cookies, characterized by thin, crisp and delicate taste. Top the crispy crepes with crushed almonds and fragrant chocolate to elevate the flavor to a higher level, triggering the French sweet and crispy taste!



Grape Brandy Sandwich

Following the traditional French cookie Sables production method, the cookie is baked with tiny holes, making the cake more loose and delicious; the filling is made of smooth cream that perfectly blends mellow brandy and wine-stained grapes. It is sweet and not greasy. An unforgettable try!

*Contains flavored wine



Coffee Almond Cookie 

The strong aroma of coffee with crushed almonds enriches the taste of cookies and is the best delicious pairing. The coffee cookies are fragrant and mellow, crunchy and delicious, I believe you will definitely love it one after another!

*Suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians



Vanilla Flavor Sesame Cookie

Vanilla-flavored cookies are paired with crispy black sesame seeds. The sesame flavor is rich, and the sides of the cake are covered with rich chocolate, making them exquisite handmade cookies.

Place of Origin Taiwan
Made In Taiwan
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