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Harper Collins - My Weird School 21-Book Box Set

A box set of all 21 of the My Weird School titles. 

With more than 6.5 million books sold, the My Weird School series really gets kids reading!

Book # 1 - Miss Daisy is Crazy!

For A.J. and the gang at Ella Mentry School, weirdness and fun are all part of the routine. In this first book in the outrageously funny series that has reached millions of readers around the world, second-grade teacher Miss Daisy is in over her head. She doesn't even know how to add or subtract! But the kids have other things on their minds. Principal Klutz has promised that if they read a million pages in books, they can turn the school into a video-game arcade for one whole night!

One thing's for sure—life at Ella Mentry School is never going to be the same again! Perfect for reluctant readers and word-lovers alike, My Weird School has something for everyone.

Book # 2 - Mr. Klutz is Nuts!

Never before has school been this mixed up—or this much fun!

Principal Klutz was hanging upside down from the school flagpole! He kissed a pig on the lips and painted his bald head orange! And now he wants to bungee jump off the roof of the school dressed as Santa Claus!

Book # 3 - Mrs. Roopy is Loopy!

Could Mrs Roopy, the new librarian, be A.J.'s craziest teacher yet? When the class shows up they find her dressed first as George Washington and then Little Miss Muffet. And Mrs Roopy won't even admit that it's her! Can A.J. and his class help their very troubled librarian before she does something really crazy?

Book # 4 - Ms. Hannah is Bananas!

Ms. Hannah wears dresses made out of potholders and collects garbage instead of throwing it out. Plus she's making A.J. be partners with smelly Andrea. This is the worst art class ever!

Book # 5 - Miss Small is off the Wall!

Miss Small, the gym teacher, is teaching A.J., Andrea, and the gang to juggle scarves, balance feathers, and do the Chicken Dance! Is this any way to stay in shape? Whatever happened to dodgeball?

Book # 6 - Mr. Hynde is out of his Mind!

Something weird is going on!

Music class is awesome! The teacher, Mr. Hynde, raps, break-dances, and plays bongo drums on the principal's bald head. But he goes too far when he tries to make A.J. kiss Andrea in the school play. Yuck! Will A.J. survive?

Book # 7 - Mrs. Cooney is Loony!

Mrs. Cooney, the school nurse, is a knockout—and A.J. has a crush on her! But are her charms just a cover for her secret identity as an international spy? Will A.J.'s love for Mrs. Cooney win out over his love for the good old USA?

Book # 8 - Ms. Lagrange is Strange!

Ms. LaGrange talks funny, and she's from some other country called France! She thinks the vomitorium is a fancy restaurant! Plus she's writing secret messages in the mashed potatoes. Ms. LaGrange is the weirdest lunch lady in the history of the world!

Book # 9 - Miss Lazar is Bizarre!

Miss Lazar likes to dance around the school with a mop! She has a secret room down in the basement where she keeps the bad kids. She says cleaning throw-up is fun! Miss Lazar is the weirdest custodian in the history of the world! 

Book # 10 - Mr. Docker is off his Rocker!

Mr. Docker must be a mad scientist. He does nutty experiments and has an evil, demented, cackling laugh. Plus he invented a car that runs on potatoes! Mr. Docker is the weirdest science teacher ever! Is he trying to take over the world?

Book # 11 - Mrs. Kormel is not Normal!

First the school bus gets a flat tire, and then Mrs. Kormel is totally lost in the middle of nowhere! Mrs. Kormel is the weirdest bus driver in the history of the world, and she's driving everyone crazy!

Book # 12 - Ms. Todd is Odd!

Ms. Todd is subbing, and A.J. and his friends are sure she kidnapped Miss Daisy so she could take over her job. They’re going to have to do the detective work to get the goods on her. But it won’t be easy! Ms. Todd is the weirdest substitute teacher in the history of the world!

Book # 13 - Mrs. Patty is Batty!

Mrs. Patty, the secretary, gives out the best Halloween candy in the history of the world! But her house is haunted! People say she's a witch and her husband is a ghost. Is it worth A.J.'s risking his life for the best candy ever?

Book # 14 - Miss Holly is too Jolly!

Miss Holly, the Spanish teacher, is hanging mistletoe everywhere! That means boys will have to kiss girls. And girls will have to kiss boys. Ugh! Miss Holly is taking the holidays way too far!

Book # 15 - Mr. Macky is Wacky!

It's Presidents' Day! And Mr. Macky, the reading specialist, actually expects A.J. and his friends to read stuff about the presidents! Not only that, but he lives in a log cabin and thinks he's Abraham Lincoln! Is he for real? 

Book # 16 - Ms. Coco is Loco!

It's Poetry Month! And Ms. Coco, who runs the gifted and talented program, is poetry crazy! She cries when she sees a sunset! She thinks boys should have feelings! She talks in rhyme! All the time! Will A.J.'s life ever be normal again? 

Book # 17 - Miss Suki is Kooky!

Miss Suki is a famous children's book author—and she's coming to A.J.'s school! She lives in the rainforest and writes about endangered animals. But when her pet raptor gets loose in the classroom, it's the kids who are going to be endangered! Yikes!

Book # 18 - Mrs. Yonkers is Bonkers!

Mrs. Yonkers, the computer teacher, is the nerdiest teacher in the history of the world. She can type with her feet! She buys foam cheeseheads off eBay! She even puts a Webcam on a turtle! Is she trying to take over the planet?

Book # 19 - Dr. Carbles is Losing his Marbles!

It's Thanksgiving! A.J. is thankful for four days off from school. But he's not thankful for Dr. Carbles, who is grumpier than ever. Dr. Carbles even fires Mr. Klutz! Will A.J. and his friends be able to save their principal's job? 

Book # 20 - Mr. Louie is Screwy!

It's Valentine's Day! And Mr. Louie, the hippie crossing guard, put a love potion in the water fountain. Now teachers are flirting with each other! Girls are asking boys out on dates! Will A.J. have to kiss Andrea? Not if he can help it. Yuck! 

Book # 21 - Ms. Krup cracks me Up!

A.J. thinks that nothing can possibly be as boring as a sleepover in the natural history museum. But anything can happen when Ms. Krup is in charge. The tour guide says that dinosaur skeletons come to life in the middle of the night. Is she right?



Author Dan Gutman
Publisher Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN 9780062022714
Illustrated By Jim Paillot
Type 21 Paperback in Slipcase
Size 130 x 192mm each book
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