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Rohto - V5 Eye Protection Supplement

Two nutrients for eyesight, protect the retina and maintain a clear vision

The world's No. 1 OTC eye drops brand*1 "Rhoku" has added a new member! Rohto V5 strong eye element supplements the two major nutrients needed by the human body through oral administration, protects the retina, and maintains a clear vision.

The retina is a very critical part of eye function. Due to aging or overuse of the eye, once retinal disease occurs, it will bring various symptoms of eye discomfort and lead to the decline of eye function. In order to maintain or improve the function of the eyes, in addition to taking a rest and relaxing in time when the eyes are tired, and using eye drops to maintain the eyes properly, it is also necessary to take in various nutrients that the eyes need in a timely manner.

It is well known that lutein has the functions of anti-oxidation, absorption of harmful light such as ultraviolet rays and blue light, and is an indispensable pigment component in the macular region of the retina. However, the human body cannot manufacture lutein on its own and can only be obtained from food. Many green vegetables contain lutein, but with the change of modern eating habits, the amount of vegetables eaten in three meals a day is gradually reduced, and high-temperature cooking can easily lead to the loss of lutein, if only through ordinary diet, often Not getting enough lutein. Therefore, focusing on supplementing lutein through dietary supplement products is also an effective eye protection method.

Rohto V5 (ロートV5 Capsules) is the first "functional food"*2 launched by Rohto Pharma. Lutein and zeaxanthin added to the product (which belong to the same carotenoid family as lutein) are recognized as two major eye-brightening nutrients that protect the retina. Each capsule of Rohto V5 contains 10mg of lutein and 2mg of zeaxanthin, which are highly concentrated and easily absorbed. One capsule a day can help you maintain a clear vision.

*1: In June 2014, the Rohto brand was certified by the Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records) and became the OTC eye care brand with the highest annual sales

*2: Functional foods refer to health foods that are registered with the Japan Consumer Affairs Agency and have certain health benefits

Place of Origin Japan
Made In Japan
Best Before Date 30 Jun 2025
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