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Parragon - Wish Upon A Dream

Dreaming child, what you shall see, Deep in sleep might someday be. Explore a magical bedtime world of favorite dreamswhat will you wish upon tonight? From the hidden treasures of Margaret Wise Brown, author of the childrens classics Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny.

About the Author

​Margaret Wise Brown wrote hundreds of books and stories during her life, but she is best known for Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny. Even though she died over 45 years ago, her books still sell very well. Margaret loved animals. Most of her books have animals as characters in the story. She liked to write books that had a rhythm to them. Sometimes she would put a hard word into the story or poem. She thought this made children think harder when they are reading. She wrote all the time. There are many scraps of paper where she quickly wrote down a story idea or a poem. She said she dreamed stories and then had to write them down in the morning before she forgot them. She tried to write the way children wanted to hear a story, which often isn't the same way an adult would tell a story. She also taught illustrators to draw the way a child saw things. One time she gave two puppies to someone who was going to draw a book with that kind of dog. The illustrator painted many pictures one day and then fell asleep. When he woke up, the papers he painted on were bare. The puppies had licked all the paint off the paper. Margaret died after surgery for a bursting appendix while in France. She had many friends who still miss her. They say she was a creative genius who made a room come to life with her excitement. Margaret saw herself as something else - a writer of songs and nonsense.

作者 Margaret Wise Brown
出版社 Parragon Books
ISBN 9781472345295
插圖者 Charlotte Cooke
種類 硬封面
頁數 32
尺碼 255 x 292 mm

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